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Barefoot surcingle for pony
Barefoot surcingle for pony
Barefoot surcingle for pony

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Barefoot surcingle for pony

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The leather Barefoot surcingle is without pressure on the withers.

Almost all surcingles act like a "nutcracker" to the horse's withers, they press on the sides or above the horse's spinous process. We have found a solution for this problem: under the Barefoot surcingle the withers remain free and the spinous process of the horse is free from any pressure. The leather surcingle is padded on both sides and extra wide to protect the horse's muscles.

Each side is equipped with 3 D-rings for training aids or double tethering. Can be used with a short strap.

Length from the withers to the first strap hole: 55 cm
Length from withers to last strap hole: 69 cm

Comes with a medium sized arch that can be swapped out like all Barefoot saddle models.

Suitable for ponies such as Icelandic, Double-ponies, Welsh-A, Large Shetlands, ponies from 115 cm up to 145 cm at the withers.