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Since October 2007 we have been recognized as an official partner of “Barefoot Saddle”, a company located in Germany, manufacturer of treeless equestrian saddles. The need that arose in Quebec regarding the use of this type of saddle was a great opportunity to introduce Barefoot saddles to our region. Gabrielle decided in June 2007 to get a Cheyenne saddle made by "Barefoot Saddle", so she was the first in the family, probably from Quebec too, to use a Barefoot saddle. The comfort of this treeless saddle was very surprising as well as the quality of its manufacture. It is very educational to feel the movements of the horse. Therefore, it is now possible to purchase saddles and accessories manufactured by "Barefoot Saddle" in Quebec, directly from Sellerie Equi-Confort, the only official reseller in Quebec.