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Barefoot Nottingham PRO Saddle
Barefoot Nottingham PRO Saddle
Barefoot Nottingham PRO Saddle
Barefoot Nottingham PRO Saddle
Barefoot Nottingham PRO Saddle

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Barefoot Nottingham PRO Saddle

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Ergonomic design allows you to adopt an optimal working posture.
Narrower seat for a narrower trim.
Very downward leg position.
Stirrup leather door open
The saddles adapt perfectly to the backs of all types of horses.

This unisex treeless saddle, Nottingham from Barefoot Saddle is equipped with the 3-layer VPS® system which provides even more back protection under the stirrup leathers. This is why it is suitable for show jumping as well as for heavy riders in the stirrups, very long distance hikes and others. However, the saddle remains flexible in all 3 dimensions, ensuring the horse's comfort without restricting its movements. His muscles will be able to develop and not atrophy!
Underside in thick black synthetic fur. 6 D-rings. Padded quarters at the knees, removable cleats delivered with the saddle. The pommel shape (medium size) can be changed as with all Barefoot® saddles. V-shaped strapping adapting to each morphology.


  • • With 3 layers of VPS®
  • • Suitable for show jumping
  • • Repositionable safety stirrup leather holder
  • • V strapping
  • • Comfortable position close to the horse on its center of gravity
  • • Grained, supple and Drytex leather
  • • Weight approx. 5.5 kg

Black color

  • Size 0: by special order only (delay 12-14 weeks)
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  • Size 2:
  • Size 3: on special order only (delay 12-14 weeks)