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PRO Classic Barefoot Cherokee Saddle

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PRO Classic Barefoot Cherokee Saddle

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Ergonomic design allows you to adopt an optimal working posture.
Narrower seat for a narrower trim.
Very downward leg position.
5cm wide stirrups holder
The saddles adapt perfectly to the backs of all types of horses.

The timeless Cherokee in a more elegant version: very sober, completely black, without horse's head, conchas or straps. Ideal for hiking or dressage.

Anatomically shaped saddle with excellent wither clearance. Seven rings and four double leather laces distributed in front and behind provide numerous possibilities for securing luggage and accessories. This saddle model comes with a pair of cleats, which can be positioned according to the rider's wishes.

Each Barefoot saddle is equipped withunderside of shaped thick panels, ababsorbing pressure on either side of the horse's spine These panels create a central gutter that guarantees better spine clearance. They are, moreover, anatomically formed for the thighs of the rider.

Saddle Cherokee has a high cantle made of semi-elastic dense foam, anatomically shaped for horse and rider, which increases the horse's freedom of movement and encourages the engagement of the hind legs and the vertical flexion of the horse's back. For the rider, this cantle provides a deep and flexible seat that is very reassuring. The seat is removable and fixed to the saddle by a wide velcro.

Thanks to the adjustable V-girth, it is always possible to girth straight, whatever the morphology of the horse.


  • VPS® system
  • Removable cleat
  • Sanglage V flexible
  • Poids approx. 6 kg.

Black color

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