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Barefoot Barrydale Pro Saddle

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Barefoot Barrydale Pro Saddle

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Ergonomic design allows you to adopt an optimal working posture.
Narrower seat for a narrower trim.
Very downward leg position.
Stirrup leather door open.
The saddles adapt perfectly to the backs of all types of horses.

The Barrydale saddle from Barefoot Saddle is a saddle made of nubuck cowhide leather with anatomically shaped cleats, which are integrated into the removable seat and allow the rider to adopt a good leg position in all circumstances. Whether outdoors or riding, the Barefoot Barrydale gives you deep, secure footing.

These qualities will be particularly appreciated, among other things, in the field of endurance: with this saddle, climbs and descents are no longer a problem!

The rider's leg is placed in an optimal position and the saddle will stay in place. The horse's back is free from overpressure, which is especially important on long rides.

The stirrup leather holder between the seat and the saddle can be positioned freely. This allows you to adapt the saddle easily to your seat and your measurements.

Thanks to the adjustable V-girth, it is always possible to girth straight, whatever the morphology of the horse.

This saddle, like all Barefoot saddles, places the rider above the center of gravity and allows him to feel every movement of the horse's back and the play of his muscles, thus laying a sound foundation for riding with finesse.


  • 9 D-rings for attaching saddle pads or luggage.
  • The pommel shape (in Medium size)
  • Weight approx. 6 kg only
  • Stirrup leather width 2.5 cm

Black color

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