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Classic Barefoot sheepskin girth
Classic Barefoot sheepskin girth
Classic Barefoot sheepskin girth

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Classic Barefoot sheepskin girth

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Cozy and soft classic girth for sensitive horses

The Genuine Sheepswool Lined Barefoot Girth consists of two components: 1. Sheepswool with velcro fastening and 2. Heavy duty nylon webbing. The two parts are fixed together by velcro which makes it possible to remove the sheep's wool easily for washing and to slightly modify the position of the loops on the sheep's wool. The sheep's wool should extend slightly beyond the girth so that its edges do not exert any pressure on the horse's belly.

Sheep's wool is anti-allergic and anti-mycotic. Sheep's wool can absorb movement and avoid chafing – the girth is ideal for horses with sensitive strapping. In the summer, sheep's wool can also do good service, as it absorbs perspiration which can then dry out in its lower layers.

The nylon girth has elastic and tear-proof straps on one side so as not to interfere with the horse's breathing.

• Easy to wash: sheep's wool is completely detachable
• Hypo-allergenic
• Anti-mycotic
• Flexible
Lengths: 45 cm, 55 cm, 65 cm and 75 cm

Sheep's wool is a natural product, so slight differences in color or length may occur. Do not dry in direct sunlight, wash only with suitable detergent. After washing, dry flat.

Determine the correct strap length:

  • With a measuring tape, measure starting a hand's width above the horse's elbow on one side, pass the tape under its belly and back up to a hand's width above the elbow on the other side .
  • The measurements are given from loop to loop.