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Nylon front pannier
Nylon front pannier
Nylon front pannier
Nylon front pannier

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Nylon front pannier

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Double nylon bag. Four pockets in total, closed by covered zip, offer an optimized volume for small things to keep on hand.
The special fastening system holds your bag perfectly in place even at fast paces or on rough terrain.
Cast irons are made of 600D nylon with polyurethane coating, ideal for outdoor use as it is water-repellent and stain-resistant.
Fastens in the middle of the front arch with a nylon band. On the back two other nylon straps fix the position vertically and laterally. A strap attaches to the front ring of the saddle. The straps have click buckles.

• Optimized volume
• Lightweight
• Attachment to the pommel, with or without lug
• Water-repellent and stain-resistant nylon
• Well-designed saddle attachment

Colors: brown and black
Weight: only about 400 g!
Indicative dimensions: side bags: H 30 cm, W 18 cm, D 13.5 cm