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Ride-on-Pad Barefoot with Pannier

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Ride-on-Pad Barefoot with Pannier

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Most 'bare-back pads' or bareback pads are more harmful than pleasant for the horse, because the strapping passes just over the horse's back and puts pressure on one, maximum two spinous processes. In addition they often have a stirrup leather attachment.
For the horse's well-being, the Barefoot "bareback" riding mat has a V-shaped webbing that distributes pressure over the entire mat using integrated straps. We voluntarily renounced a possibility of attaching stirrups, since standing in the stirrups would also induce point pressure. The carpet is padded with a very dense foam of variable thickness, it does not turn thanks to its underside in Sympanova. The microfiber upper offers the rider good grip even at high speeds.

The webbing is stabilized by two side patches. These patches have a real sheep's wool underside which protects the horse's hair against the friction of the straps.

• 3 rings for attaching small accessories
• Sturdy nylon carrying handle
• Pleasant V-shaped strapping for the horse
• Non-slip bottom
Black color

Length on the back: 56 cm
Length of quarters: 47 cm
Length from one quarter bottom to the other passing over the back: 138 cm
Delivered without strap, with patches.