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Ride-on-pad Barefoot Nature Physio
Ride-on-pad Barefoot Nature Physio
Ride-on-pad Barefoot Nature Physio
Ride-on-pad Barefoot Nature Physio
Ride-on-pad Barefoot Nature Physio

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Ride-on-pad Barefoot Nature Physio

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Its genuine sheep's wool seat is sewn directly and securely to the new RIDE ON physio - SUPPORT Nature by Barefoot®. Its wide cleats and soft cantle provide additional support and a soft seat for the rider, close to the horse.
The lower part allows additional padding thanks to the 2 sets of foam plates included (1 pair of denser cellular rubber foam plates, and 1 pair of softer memory foam) to free up the horse's spine and provide better protection from the horse's back.

The Barefoot® RIDE ON physio - SUPPORT Nature "bareback" riding mat does not have a stirrup loop to avoid any excess pressure on the horse's back muscles.
On most bareback riding mats, the straps are connected to each other by a strap that passes straight down the middle of the horse's back, the strapping therefore causes pressure on one or two spinous processes - "bareback" riding mats cru » Barefoot® are designed for the well-being of the horse: the counter-girths are mounted on 'skirts' inside the carpet, so the pressure of the strapping is distributed over the entire length of the carpet.

• D-rings to secure small items
• Nylon carrying handle
• comfortable strapping for the horse
• padded and anti-slip lower part
• large cleats and soft and reassuring seat

Black color

A log

Size Small = length on the back: 51 cm, length of the flap: 49 cm
Size Large = Back Length: 59cm, Flap Length: 58cm
The webbing can be stabilized with two patches. As the quarters are a little longer than the other Ride Ons, they are not necessary for horses under 150 cm. These patches are not delivered with, but can be ordered separately. Delivery in pairs.