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Ride-on-pad - Sheepskin cover
Ride-on-pad - Sheepskin cover
Ride-on-pad - Sheepskin cover

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Ride-on-pad - Sheepskin cover

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This seat gives you a plush feel and stable support.

At the front, left and right side there is padding to delimit the thighs of the rider and at the back a fairly high cantle which provides a safe and very comfortable seat. The seat is attached by a long velcro strap from the underside of the Ride On mat. In addition, the seat has holes through which you slide the rings already attached to the Ride On (not suitable for the Ride On with pockets). Delivery without the Ride On Pad!

The top is made of 100% pure sheep's wool, the bottom of sympanova which adheres very well to the Ride On mat.
Borders: black

These products are made of 100% pure sheep's wool which has the same antibacterial and cushioning effect as sheepskin, however for us there is a very important difference: For the production of wool, the sheep are only sheared without slaughtered as necessary for the production of sheepskin.
Washing advice: Hand wash cold. After washing stretch into shape and shake well. Size: adults