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Classic Mono Barefoot Stirrup Leathers
Classic Mono Barefoot Stirrup Leathers

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Classic Mono Barefoot Stirrup Leathers

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Barefoot Saddle's Mono Stirrup Leathers are made of heavy-duty smooth leather and reinforced with nylon. In the length they are reduced in a single thickness. This makes them very light, less thick and they do not pinch the calves.
At the top, the loop is replaced by a small metal T. The adjustment that is made at the bottom becomes easier, even when you are in the saddle. The small metal T is covered by a sliding leather piece.

• No buckles on the horse's back – no overpressure
• No pinching on the rider's leg
• Extremely easy adjustment
• Convenient and safe adjustment even when in the saddle
• Extra-plat
• Lined in non-stretch nylon

Width: 2.5cm

Colors: brown, black


  • Short: 49-63 cm (for people who are around 1.60 cm - 1.75 cm tall)
  • Length: 57-72cm (for people taller than 1.76cm