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Size and Dimensions of Barefoot Saddles

Selle Lazy Mountain - Barefoot Saddle

A = saddle length,

B = Seat length,

C = saddle height

Saddle length (A) includes overall length. Since there is no more pressure on the back of the Barefoot saddle, the horse can move freely.

Even if the saddle in its overall length seems a little long for your horse, choose the saddle according to "your size" because it is important that the rider fits well in the saddle and does not sit too close to the molding before this which can interfere with the flexibility of the Barefoot saddle.

Your horse's back remains pressure-free – the Barefoot saddle can even be raised slightly when you are sitting in it.

Barefoot saddles are handmade. Each saddle is unique.

The dimensions are given for information only. Minor differences may occur between each model.

See the correspondence in the table of sizes