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Barefoot Lexington Pro Saddle
Barefoot Lexington Pro Saddle

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Barefoot Lexington Pro Saddle

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Ergonomic design allows you to adopt an optimal working posture.
Narrower seat for a narrower trim.
Very downward leg position.
Stirrup leather door open.
The saddles adapt perfectly to the backs of all types of horses.

THE Treeless Lexington Dressage Saddle Barefoot Saddle features several innovations. Made of soft and flexible nubuck leather. Open, removable stirrup loop that can be positioned according to the weight and size of the rider. V-shaped and flexible straps. The saddle positions the rider directly on the horse's center of gravity to allow him to better find his balance. The horse's back can bend, its stride and the movement of the shoulders and back remain free. It responds to slight, almost imperceptible requests from its plate. Deep seat, very good hold, high cantle, very downward leg position. Double quarters with pumped air system padding to gently channel the leg.
Two pairs of removable knee rolls of different sizes come with the saddle. 6 attachment rings, the underside in black fleece.

• Flexible in 3 dimensions (X, Y, Z)
• No pressure and therefore no restriction on the structure of the muscles
• Open, removable stirrup loop that can be positioned
• V-shaped and flexible counter straps
• pumped air system to gently channel the leg
• Anatomical shape for both horse and rider
• Weight approx. 6 kg only

Black color

  • Size 1 (short flaps),
  • Size 2 (long flaps)